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Missions and Evangelism

Most evangelical churches would agree that we have been commanded to go and tell the world about Christ. But is that all that He told us to do? In this short sermon series, we want to look at specifically what Jesus told His disciples on top of that mountain at the end of Matthew’s Gospel. Was it more than just telling others about Him? What is the true mission that Jesus gave? Who is this specifically for and what parts can each of us play?

It’s vital to know the answers to these questions so that we can know what the mission is and then properly carry it out. I hope that you’ll come join us for this foundational study as we look to build a missional and evangelistic culture here at Grace Reformed.


The Book of Esther

The book of Esther is a post-exile story about a remnant of Jews who stayed behind in Persia after most had returned to Jerusalem from captivity. Often times throughout the Old Testament we see God in action. We see Him in Creation, in the parting of the Red Sea, in the sun standing still and in the walls of Jericho coming down. But here in the book of Esther we don’t get thunder and lightening. The truth is that God isn’t even mentioned in any of the pages. What we do find is a God who is always at work and often times it is behind the scenes without us even realizing it. This book is a demonstration of God’s love and sovereignty. It shows us a God who protects and providentially cares for His people. Come join us as we try and find God in these pages and uncover these truths about Him and become witnesses to how His plans and purposes are always moving forward.