Sunday, 11:00AM Worship Service



The Book of Romans

This letter by the Apostle Paul to the church in Rome is a clear and systematic summary of Christian doctrine. Man comes with only his ungodliness and unrighteousness but God in His grace offers us justification through faith alone in Christ alone. This letter shows us that it is only in Christ that we we are justified. It is only in Christ that we can stand before a holy God. It is only in Christ that we receive redemption by His atoning blood. So come join us on this journey as Paul, the masterful artist, shows us our true need for Christ.


The Book of Genesis

Genesis is the first book of the Law and also the first book of the entire Bible. The name Genesis literally means “In the Beginning”. So often the book of Genesis is remembered for its account of God’s creation and mankind’s fall. Yes, God did create all things out of nothing by the power of His spoken Word. He created mankind in His image and breathed life into him. Unfortunately, man was not satisfied with the paradise that God had laid out before him and fell for the lure of sin. But Genesis is also the story of redemption because immediately after mankind fell God entered into a covenant where He promised the world a Savior from the seed of the woman. The seed being the Lord Jesus Christ who would one day conquer the seed of the serpent on Calvary. The theme of redemption that we see woven throughout all of Scripture begins right here in the book of Genesis. Join us in this sermon series as we uncover the grandeur of God’s plan of salvation.