Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church is committed to core values that manifest our mission through growth and engagement in four directions:  upward, inward, outward, and forward.


God-glorifying and Word-focused worship is at the heart of this church. We are committed to establishing a vibrant and solidly Reformed preaching and teaching ministry that yields faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Likewise, we seek to develop a culture of dependence on God by covering in fervent prayer every decision, ministry, issue, and challenge faced by individuals, groups, and families in the church.

We are devoted to cultivating mature believers and building strong families. Our desire to to enable each person to become a knowledgeable and faithful follower of Christ and an active member of His Church. Similarly, we strive to equip families to fulfill the primary way that God advances His Kingdom.

With a view of the church as a spiritual family, we seek to form a genuine Christian fellowship in which members earnestly love and serve one another.  Understanding that everything we have in life comes from God, we envision each member having identified his or her gifts and using them in eagerness to strengthen one another.

Because of a heart for the lost, we are passionate about both local and global evangelism. We strive to engage with the needs of the Clayton community in the unique ways that God has qualified us. We believe that by showing compassion toward needy people, we will discover many opportunities for bearing witness to the transforming power of the Gospel. We view global missions as an essential priority and encourage every member’s involvement through prayer, giving, and going.

We are committed to a long-term growth strategy that involves the continual planting of new congregations. Inspired by a Kingdom-building mindset, we strive to produce disciplined and trained leaders for the purpose of multiplying our ministry.